Pre-Owned and Used Office Furniture

"Pre-Owned" or used office furniture systems are a great, economical alternative to either new or remanufactured. This type of furniture is for the budget-conscious buyer who is less concerned with choosing an exact fabric or surface color.

Davena only stocks product that is not older than 10 years and is in good condition, in neutral widely approved colors such as tan and grey. These used office furniture and modular systems generally range from $500-$1300 a station.

Princing is per station and does nto include delivery or install.

Herman Miller, Knoll

Steelcase, Allsteel, Teknion

used office furniture NYC

Loaded comes with peds midline electric, and  tool rail. We have currently  can make almost any size cube from 6 by 6 to managers stations as picture below.

Starting at $850(assuming 1 ped and double sided config)
Herman Miller Ethospace

Two toned system has electric, rail tiles, 2 peds and either glass or an overhead or both depending on your configuration needs.

$1000 & Up
 modular office furniture NYC

In excellent conditon.great for showrooms, client transactions,customer sevice areas.

$1300 and up
Herman Miller Ethospace

These stations are around 6 years old with electric at midline point, 4 shelves, 2 lights and 1 ped per station in HF(light grey) with highlight of blue.

$1000 & Up
Herman Miller Ethospace

Herman Miller Ethospace including electric at bottom and mid point, tool rails and accessories, lights, overheads, lats and 2 drawer and 3 drawer pedestals in each station.

Herman Miller Ethospace

Includes tackable tile, electric, 1 ped.