Used Cubicles and Modular Office Furniture

used office furniture long island , NY
"As-Is/Pre-Owned" furniture systems, also known as used workstations, cubicles or modular office furniture,  is a great, economical alternative to either new or remanufactured and is ideal for the budget-conscious buyer who is less concerned with choosing an exact fabric or surface color. 
Our used office furniture inventory is sourced locally in NYC and Long Island NY,  from Fortune 500 companies who have made their orignal purchase from the most reputable of contract furniture manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Kimball. 
used office furniture long island

We generally will survey the modular offie furniture while its standing and  then inventory and dismantle  and pack ourselves to ensure that cubiles are

  • remarkably good  cosmetic condition when it gets to you, the end user
  • 100% intact and not missing any parts
  • accurately accounted so that we actually are 100% confident we can supply what we quote- a rarity in the used office indutsry