New Furniture

Davena supplies Herman Miller Ethospace and A02 type stations, as well as benching, table, and seating solutions from Compel Office Furniture. and Symmetry Office

Here are just a couple examples of typical stations and starting prices for them assuming a double-sided, 8-pack configuration.

1. 6 by 6 53" AO2 base station

Herman Miller Action Office

Non electric, chair not included, Starting at 1300 per station.


2. Ethos 7'6" by 6'6" loaded

Herman Miller Ethospace

Starting around $3000.00 each with glass overhead, shelf tool rail.


3.Compel and Symmetry bench stations-available in fixed and height adjustable electric legs

Compel Bench Station

Starting at around 1000 per station.
Visit manufacturers' website at and for complete specifications.