There are not enough thank you’s I can send for helping Amanda and I complete this project over the last few months. It all came together this past week and we couldn't have finished without all your dedication and help. The late nights and long days were exhausting but we love our new space. We appreciate all you have done by working with PRS & RSS.

Danielle Procida, Professional Retail Services Inc

Thank you SO much for your caring and professional outfitting of our newly expanded space! The growth of our business has been an amazing and exciting thing. We also appreciate that moving an active operation can be a scary and terrifying thing! But your calm “We’ve got you” approach has been comforting, more than you could know. Back to reality, the furnishing and installation pricing was an excellent value. And the quality of the cubicles, desks and conference & lunch tables that you’ve set us up with, sets the perfect tone of “big league” that will undoubtedly carry us to greater growth and success.

Tom, Brian and Lauren, SIMpro

Both floors look great. You and your workers have done an outstanding job providing Star Gas with a comfortable and operationally effective environment while meeting all of our needs and annoying nuances without hesitation. Thanks again for all you have done for us. Great job.

Peter C., Petro Oil (Star Gas)

We appreciate that this was a small deal for you, but you appreciated that this was a big deal for us! The workstations look terrific, and it was a great relief to have them installed on time and on budget! Thanks very much!

David Simkins, President, Hyperlink

David, Thank you very much for all of your calculations regarding the space and the prompt delivery and installation of our office space.  My co workers are really happy with how it turned out.  Thanks for sending the check and keys in the mail so quickly.  We appreciate you and your company.

Jordan Blum, Center for Social & Emothional Education

Davena Services has provided excellent services to us and our users for almost 20 years. They have been a great partner and are the top in their field

Elton Mock, MBI Systems

I wanted to let you know that your organization, under David's direction, has provided us, and our customers with the highest level of customer service. Read the full letter here.

Jay Rixon, Office Elements

I used Davena for the electrical, the dismantling of workstation, the re-installation of workstation, and disposal of office furniture. I found it very convenient to deal with one vendor than to co-ordinate all these activities with several vendors.

Melody S., Future Electronics

I was very pleased with DSI, your company has great communication skills and will do what it takes to get the job done. Your crews were on time each and every time and worked proficiently the entire time.

Curtis Snapp, Corporate Source LTD

The project I worked on with Davena is in a high security building. Davena was helpful to have all their workers screened and cleared with security before the installation. Davena was very helpful in the planning and designing of our space as it was changed and the size adjusted a number of times.

Andrew Eckl, The United Nations

You guys did an excellent job in a tough market. We definitely would love to use you guys again next year if we are fortunate enough to get the business. We will need to look at the pricing as we get closer and have a better understanding now of what the jobs take. Thanks again for doing a great job.

Mark S., H&R Block (70 locations)

I was very pleased with the entire experience. Dave communicates very timely and delivers exactly what he promises, on time and in very nice condition.

Joe D., UniNet

We have recently had to re-configure some office space, changing cubicles, and adding additional cubicles, and we used a company called Davena Office Environments.  I’m taking this opportunity to tell you all that this guy did a fabulous job.  He is very professional, efficient, did a fast job – working during the day while we were all here working ourselves.  They did not interfere with our work process, and the job came out great.

Ginger L., Rothco

Great job today...thx!

Michael M., Commerce Payment Systems

Everything looks great and people seem pleased with their spaces.

Meredith L., Smartsources